World History For Elementary Students-A Guest Post

Sharing about their gentle homeschooling experience as they journeyed to faraway lands through the Precious People. Even through life changes like a new baby this family enjoyed the Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling using living books and hands on learning.

We were so excited to begin our year with “The Precious People” after a year of gleaning from “The Playful Pioneers.” I have to admit that we were sad to end our adventures with the Ingalls and Wilder families as our year came to a close. You can tell from our collection of Little House books how well loved they are. 

One of my favorite parts of The Peaceful Press curriculums is the amazing living books that bring our studies to life and that take us to far away lands. The Precious People does just that.

Our church has a group that meets for Bible study during the school year. The moms meet together while the homeschooled children meet together to study God’s Word. We all study the same book of the Bible and this year we studied the book of Exodus! Our studies lined up so beautifully with our studies of Jewish culture, holidays, and traditions, as well as ancient Egypt. 


“The Gospel Story Bible” was such a gem for our Bible time each day. It was a wonderful addition to our “New City Catechism” weekly questions and our @happyhymnody hymn of the month studies. My children enjoyed the questions at the end of each Gospel Bible story which lead us to wonderful conversations about God’s Word during this time. It was such a great way to begin our days.

As we traveled the world, book by book, we became the travelers of far off places from our very own living room. It was such a joy to hear my children talk about countries, once foreign to them, as if they had visited there themselves through the characters they met in each book. 

One of my favorite parts about these curriculums is how they incorporate so many learning opportunities over so many subjects. Through living books, Bible stories and verses, poetry, fine art studies, practical skills, recipes, fables, time-line cards, narration, copy work, and more filled our days with such joy.


I asked my children what they enjoyed most this year about “The Precious People” and this is what they had to say…

“It is so cool that we can come together and learn as a family even though we are different ages and in different grades.”  -Olivia, age 12

“ I felt like we learned more even though we did shorter lessons.”  -Emilee, age 12

“I really enjoyed reading “All of a Kind Family” and “More All of a Kind Family!” (Emilee and Olivia both borrowed the rest of the series from the library because they enjoyed them so much.)

-Emilee, age 12 

“I really enjoyed the lessons from the fables that we read each week.”

“I also really enjoyed following Jotham on his journey too!” 

-Owen, age 10

“I enjoyed the time line cards, painting, and the adventures of Rani and Teri in “It’s a Jungle Out There!” 

-Evan, age 8

They also agreed that they really enjoyed seeing how the history of the Bible fits into the timeline of world history and said that it gave them a better understanding of how the events of the Bible fit into the history of the world. They said that it makes it even more realistic to them. Besides just believing it in their hearts and hearing it in Bible stories they were able to see its place in time.  


This year we welcomed another babe into our family right before the beginning of the school year. We took some time off to settle into a new routine after her arrival, per usual. On top of that we had an unusually rough winter battling colds and the flu that ran their course through the whole family the first few months of the new year. Again we were delayed.               

I am so grateful that this curriculum was flexible so that we could pick up where we left off when we needed to. We were able to snuggle up on the couch and read and discuss wonderful living stories as I nursed and snuggled the babe who often wanted to be in mama’s arms.

We also have a four year old daughter who has come alongside of her older siblings, as well as gleaned from her own lessons with The Peaceful Preschool this year. 

Once she completes her lessons we plan to lead right into The Peaceful Press’s unit studies. She has learned so much from “The Peaceful Preschool” as well as listening alongside her siblings with “The Precious People.” She is already narrating with the big kids! 

We have been so blessed by all of these beautiful curriculums and I cannot recommend them enough!

As my husband says, “You can tell when you throw dinner together and when you make it intentionally with love.”

Jennifer Pepito has put these beautiful curriculums together with intention and with so much love.

I am so grateful for these years learning alongside of my children and I know that we will look back fondly on these years with so much joy.

Kristin Dahman is a wife and homeschooling mother to six at @thequietwayhome and is the creator of the @livinghomeschool community.

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