Creating a Kite DIY

A Kite DIY // The Peaceful Preschool

The book, If You Give a Dog a Donut, is a humorous look at how one thing leads to another. One part of the book describes the main characters making a kite together. Although store bought kites can be pretty fancy, my husband remembers his dad making kites for him as a child from newspaper and light weight dowels.

You can celebrate the book by making a kite with your child. The kite in this tutorial is just for fun, it won’t really take off soaring through the sky, so to really impress your child, make sure that at least once in their childhood you buy or borrow a real kite and fly it with them.

Kite DIY Tutorial // The Peaceful Preschool

A Kite


Paper plate or heavy card stock
Markers or paints
Hole punch or tape



  • Cut the inside circle from a paper plate, or cut a piece of heavy card stock into a kite shape.

  • Decorate the kite with a combination of markers, paints, and stickers

  • Punch a hole in the bottom of the “kite” (choose a spot on the circle)

  • Thread ribbons or even fabric strips through the hole and tie for a “tail” and a “kite string”, alternatively, you can staple or tape on the “tail”

Kite DIY Tutorial // The Peaceful Preschool

Have fun running around with your child pretending to fly the kites that you both made.

Other kite related activities- purchase a pre made kite and fly it with your child.

Experiment with other kite tutorials (a more complicated one is also included in The Peaceful Preschool curriculum)

Kite DIY Tutorial // The Peaceful Preschool
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