Books and Crafts To Celebrate Spring

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We love celebrating the changing seasons, and after a few weeks of snow and rain, it is finally, actually looking like spring around here.

There are so many things to be amazed by in the spring, and so many ways to develop what Sarah Mackenzie calls, "Radiant Connection". We love to create this connection with our children through books and projects. 

Some of our favorite projects throughout the years have been...

  • Planting a garden

  • Felting a toadstool

  • Dyeing eggs

  • Making edible nests

  • Painting flowers

  • Reading books

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As believers, many of our spring celebrations also revolve around acknowledging the death and resurrection of Jesus. One of our favorite ways to celebrate this important time is through our Passover observance. We have kept Passover regularly over the last several years, and love the way the symbolism points to deeper truths, and makes our observances and celebrations centered around resurrection even more meaningful. 


Whether you are hiding eggs, matzah or simply enjoying the flowers, the new life surrounding us in the spring gives us many reasons to celebrate.

Favorite Passover Books

The Longest Night

The Passover Lamb

The Story of Passover

A Few Guides To Your Own Celebrations

A Christian Passover

A Jewish Passover

A Rich and Rooted Passover

A few Easter or Passover crafts we have done-

  • Glueing seeds to a cross shape

  • Making dirt cups

  • Making an afikomen cover

  • Wrapping a lamb cutout with yarn

If you would like to interject every day of learning with more "Radiant Connection", check out our curriculum. Each parent guide is packed full of ideas for bringing joy into learning and creating connections between parents and children.

The Peaceful Preschool

The Playful Pioneers

The Precious People

Our Saints Cards make a wonderful gift for Easter or a Christian Passover observance. Each of the 30 cards depicts a work of art about a saint of the Christian church, as well as a short biography about the lives of these brave people who loved well.

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Learning About Saint Patrick

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We've always enjoyed celebrations of St. Patrick's Day as a family. When my children were very young, a sweet neighbor invited us over for a festive St Patty's Day celebration complete with the best of green food and Guinness, and we were hooked on the whimsy of the day. 

As our family has gone through a rotation of history studies through the years, we have come to see what a big impact Saint Patrick had on the world. Some might even say that he helped save civilization.

One of our favorite books to introduce young children to St. Patrick is a classic by Tomie de Paola. His lighthearted illustrations gently introduce children to a man who we can learn much from today. The trajectory of his life, first a long period of contemplation, followed by a period of study, which preceded a life of great impact, can give us and our children clues to living a meaningful and visionary life.


Even a reading of his prayer is instructive, living in a dangerous time, he invoked a prayer of protection over every aspect of his life, a prayer which still speaks to us today.

Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me,
Christ in me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ on my right, Christ on my left,
Christ when I lie down, Christ when I sit down,
Christ in the heart of everyone who thinks of me,
Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me,


We still make a nitrate free version of corned beef and cabbage, gather shamrock bouquets, and celebrate Ireland, but our celebrations now are deeper, knowing that Saint Patrick faced death ad danger to bring hope to Ireland.

Favorite Saint Patrick's Day Resource

The Precious People Saints Guide This four week guide will introduce your children to St. Patrick, St. Augustine, St. Francis, and St. Elizabeth of Hungary. The guide will lead you through daily readings designed to introduce your child to ancient history through the early middle ages, as well as jumping into studies of non-western cultures through engaging literature and projects.The study includes copy work, art, recipes, projects, suggested books, and science and history activities. Your purchase of the guide also includes a coupon for $12 off The Precious People bundle, which this is excerpted from.

The Peaceful Press Saints Cards Biographical sketches of the lives of 30 saints accompanied by beautiful art prints. Print, cut and laminate for a morning time resource, art memo game, or prompt for written work about saints.

Patrick:Patron Saint of Ireland by Tomie De Paola A fabulous children's version of his story.

How We Celebrated Last Year

Do you want to fill your home with meaningful learning centered around books? Check out The Peaceful Preschool and The Playful Pioneers. These project and literature based parent guides provide a school year full of delightful experiences and deeper exploration into books.

Easy Saint Patrick's Day

It has been a very busy week here. I am sending lessons for to the designer, and recording podcasts for Wild and Free bundles, so my homeschool creativity zone is not getting all the attention that I would wish.

I knew St Patrick's Day was coming and made sure to buy a corned beef for our yearly corned beef and cabbage meal, but totally forgot to rent any seasonal books from the library. 

In a monk's cell at Sauls Church, the first church in Ireland.

In a monk's cell at Sauls Church, the first church in Ireland.

Even though I hadn't done a fabulous job of planning ahead, we had been in Ireland while traveling this last December, and had crawled into an actual monk's cell that St Patrick might have prayed in, and visited the first church that he ministered at. My kids had a pretty good grasp on who the holiday was about. I just wanted a few activities that we could do to refresh their memory.

After I asked them what they remembered about St. Patrick (which was surprisingly extensive considering it had been a year since we'd done any formal study) we watched a few YouTube videos about the saint.

Next, I sent my children out to collect a shamrock bouquet, while I threw the corned beef and potatoes in the crock pot. Once they came back with some clover, we painted a watercolor version, and labeled it with a short narration.

We love celebrating holidays here, and as often as possible we make our learning fun and engaging by involving projects. Sometimes the projects are simple, such as the shamrock painting, and other times they are more involved, but projects are a great way to connect with your children, and develop many skills.

Update! This year (2018) we have a new resource for celebrating St. Patrick's Day, along with four other saints of the early church. It is an excerpt of The Precious People curriculum, which will be available summer 2018. You can get the Saints Cards here.

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