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We have loved learning to read using All About Reading and Spell To Write and Read, but as my youngest child becomes more comfortable with reading, I am constantly on the look out for books related to our studies that will not overwhelm him. 

The Playful Pioneers book list is what we are mostly pulling from, but every time I hit up the library I look for more readers based on our history studies. I thought it would be fun to share a few here.

Abe Lincoln and the Muddy Pig by Stephen Krensky

From Slave To Soldier by Deborah Hopkinson

The Drinking Gourd by F.N. Monjo

Sam The MInuteman by Nathaniel Benchley

Wagon Train by Sydelle Kramer


We also just released an updated version of our Picture Word Cards product. This new version includes 26 rhymes to correspond with each letter of the alphabet. For readers who are reluctant to actually sit down and read, this card set can provide several levels of interaction. You can start your child with just matching upper and lower case letters, and then move onto matching letter sounds with the pictures. Once they have mastered initial sounds, you can introduce the corresponding words. You can then add reading the simple rhymes and once your child is reading, they can read the rhymes and match them with the letter or picture. Best of all, the set is only $5 for the download.

If you need more ideas for helping your child gain school readiness, check out The Peaceful Preschool. It has 26 weeks of activities aimed at helping your child gain the developmental skills they need for academic success. 

If you have school aged children, check out The Playful Pioneers our delight directed year of studying the pioneers, using The Little House on the Prairie series as inspiration.

What people are saying about our curriculum;

"The Playful Pioneers helped me dive into things a little deeper. "

"The drawings, introduction to poetry and other book recommendations were helpful and inspiring."

"The Peaceful Preschool was super organized and had a wonderful book selection"

"The Peaceful Preschool is very easy to follow and my kiddos love it"

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