DIY Pom Poms

The Peaceful Preschool - DIY Pom Poms

At The Peaceful Preschool we love all things hand made. So when our Free Letter A Unit was being curated, and we needed pom poms, it was only natural that we go ahead and, well, make them!

The kids love being a part of this process, why not make some today!


Red and green yarn

1 1/2" square piece of stiff cardboard


Cut a 6” piece of yarn.

Using the large yarn ball, wrap yarn 40 times around the cardboard.

Carefully, without messing up the loops, slide the wrapped yarn off of the cardboard.

Using the 6” piece of yarn, tie a tight knot around the middle of the looped yarn, so that you have two groups of looped yarn on either side of the tied piece.

Slide a scissor into the loops and cut them open all the way around.

Fluff the pom-pom.