Danish Parenting and Felt Ice Cream Cones

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I just started reading "The Danish Way of Parenting", and I am finding it fascinating. I have made parenting a huge area of study in my life. I love caring for my own children, and find children in general to be perfectly fascinating. 

This fascination drives me to be continually studying the art and science of parenting, sometimes to my detriment. The fact is, there are many completely opposite opinions about the best way to raise children, and it can lead to a confusing swing of the pendulum as I read and try to apply what I have read. Thankfully, my children are patient, and my husband level-headed. We all survive somehow.

This book did highlight something that I think we can all agree on though. There may be many reasons why Danish people score so high on happiness surveys; their reasonable expectations, and positive outlook are just two possibilities, but one big point in regards to parenting, is that they are serious about play. The Danes acknowledge the important work that is being done, when young children are allowed to play. 

We hope that as you are using The Peaceful Preschool, that you are encouraging a playful and fun atmosphere with your child, and giving them plenty of time to make up their own imaginative games. All of the stories and activities included in the curriculum, are geared toward stimulating even more independent exploration and play. Just add time.

If you are on the letter "I" week in the curriculum, we included the book "Ice Cream Summer". Although for most of us, summer is gone and we are enjoying the first joys of fall, ice cream is always on the menu with young children.

Simply gather some colored felts and cut out a cone shape, and several scoops. Your children can use the felt cones and scoops for counting, for a play ice cream store, or even for reviewing colors.

This can also be done with colored construction paper, using fun scissors to add texture to your scoops. It makes a great scissor skill activity as well.

Make Some Ice Cream!

Another fun activity with an ice cream theme is making ice cream in baggies. 

  • You need a quart size ziplock bag, and a gallon size bag.

  • Inside the quart bag place 1/2 c. heavy whipping cream or half and half

  • Add 1 T. sugar and 1/4 t. vanilla.

  • Seal the bag tightly.

  • Place the bag inside of a gallon sized ziplock and add 8 T rock salt and lots of crushed ice.

  • Seal the gallon bag and then have your child shake, knead and squeeze the bag for about 15 minutes or until the ice cream has thickened.

  • Discard the rock salty ice, wipe the exterior of your quart bag, and then scoop the ice cream into a dish and serve.

  • The results; Delicious fine and large motor fun!

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