Craft Stick Raft DIY + Bonus!

The Peaceful Preschool // Craft Stick Raft DIY

Preschoolers love water, and while there are many dangers that we must be alert to when playing around water, (never leave little ones unattended around water) there is nothing that can keep them as happily occupied as a shallow bowl full of it.

Studying books like, A Fish Out of Water provides a fun excuse for getting out a few toy animals, such as those from a Safari Toob and plunking them into the water, and then pulling them out and naming their beginning sound. There are many learning opportunities available when you pair fun books about fish, and sea life with water. Pretend fishing with magnetic letters, counting goldfish crackers, and making a fish bowl sensory bin, are just a few of the activities included in the curriculum.

There are also some great crafts in the week that we study F, and one of the easiest was building a craft stick raft. Although the paper plate fish bowl was equally fun, the raft lent itself well to pretend play, giving it a lot of mileage for how simple it was to make. As with all activities involving small objects, parental supervision is a must.

The Peaceful Preschool // Craft Stick Raft DIY

Craft Stick Raft DIY


12 craft sticks
White Glue


  • Simply allow your child to apply a line of white glue to two of the craft sticks. Lay the sticks parallel about two inches apart, and then apply craft sticks perpendicular to the two gluey ones until you have a little raft.

  • Allow the raft to dry completely.

  • Let your child float the raft in a sink or bowl full of water. Add small toys to the raft to learn about balance, floating and sinking.

The Peaceful Preschool // Craft Stick Raft DIY


A BONUS DIY: Paper Plate Aquarium


two paper plates
1 sheet protector, laminator sheet, or other clear material
fish stickers or fish cut from colored paper
blue paint
green pipe cleaners
small aquarium rocks or sand


  • Parents cut a large circle in one of the paper plates.

  • Allow your child to decorate the other paper plate. They can paint it blue and when the paint is dry, add fish stickers, and green pipe cleaners for seaweed.

  • Glue any remaining decorations (sand, rocks, etc.)

  • Parents, glue a circle of the clear material to the paper plate with the circle cut in it.

  • Apply white glue around the rim of the paper plate, and press the two plates together

  • Attach a hanger made from a 4 inch piece of yarn (parents attach with a staple or tape)

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