A Day in the Life of The Playful Pioneers

Day of Playful Pioneers

Homeschooling with The Peaceful Press is meant to be life giving for parents and children. We offer lesson plans that provide a framework, but that don’t overburden families, so that you and your children can chase the spark of ideas and imagination together.


Below you will find one day of lessons from our sample week of The Playful Pioneers. Take a break from your regular homeschool program to observe your children as you provide a framework of literature based activities, while also offering some free time for them to develop interest led learning.

Morning Time:

Bible Time:

Sing a favorite hymn or chorus

Read the Jesus Storybook Bible pgs. 222-227

Review Memory Verses


Read Aloud

Read Chapter 3 of By The Shores of Silver Lake By Laura Ingalls Wilder “Riding in The Cars”


day in the life of playful pioneers

Language Arts

Illustrated Copywork “Locomotive”

Ask your child to narrate the chapter

Point out that Laura was describing things for Mary who could not see. Act out that part of the story and take turns describing your surrounding for each other.

Day in the life of playful pioneers


Read Locomotive by Brian Floca.

Boil a kettle of water and point out the steam to your children. Early locomotives were powered by steam

Add a train drawing to your notebook, along with notes about steam propulsion.

Break/Active Play


1 Math Lesson (you can choose your own math program, but we love Right Start Math)

Phonics/Spelling/Handwriting:(we recommend All About Reading for emerging readers)

Dictate New Spelling Words

Review Sight Words

Free Reading:

20-60 Minutes a Day (check out this post for history based readers)

Practical Skills/Art

Picture Study “Railway Carriages” by Vincent Van Gogh

Ask your child to describe the picture

Make your own copy with watercolor paints


Day in the Life of Playful Pioneers
day in the life of playful pioneers.png

When you have finished with a simple day of lessons with The Peaceful Press, take a few minutes to observe your children, and take note of the ways that they continue engaging with the content in their free time. Learning to observe your child can help you see how much they have actually absorbed.

Would you like to try a free week of The Playful Pioneers? You can download a free sample and enjoy!

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